Bachelor’s Bouquets

Are you looking for flowers for something REALLY special and need more help? Are you looking to sweep someone off their feet with their dream romantic gesture? Are you about to propose? Would 1 red rose in a luxury box be just the thing, or do you actually want to fill a whole room with red roses? 

Sometimes, it needs a little more thought and we will be happy to consult with you for the perfect solution to design flower arrangements, displays or bouquets for:

  • First Date
  • Date Night
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Oops…..really sorry! Apology flowers!

First of all, for a quick result why not check out our Bachelor's Bouquets Shop.

If these don't fit the bill and you’re looking for something “above and beyond” the ordinary, please either phone or text 07837 370434, email [email protected], or use the contact form below.


Help Us to Help You

Free delivery in Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Essendon and Brookmans Park including Sundays (2 days’ notice required for Sunday delivery).

“Next day” delivery service Tuesdays - Saturdays is also available provided your order is received before 8pm the previous day.

We will also deliver to neighbouring postcodes though this is chargeable, check the delivery information page for postcodes.