That moment you’ve been waiting for... when dreams come true.

Picture your happiest day ever, and let’s work together to create the flowers of your imagination.

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Wedding Flowers

From micro weddings to big lavish extravagances, every wedding is as unique as you. We can look at all the pictures we like on Pinterest and other social media, but who wants to be like everybody else!

Use social media pictures as your guide, as inspiration, to get ideas... and then let your imagination flow. When you’re lying in bed at night dreaming and planning your perfect day, where do your dreams take you? What’s the lasting image of flowers in your mind? What are the colours and style that truly reflect your personalities and your passions? Which flowers are going to make your day feel fantastic, and last in photos and memories for years to come?

Every wedding whether big or small has a budget, and of course flowers have to fit into that somewhere. However every wedding is unique, as you and your partner are unique, so it’s impossible for us to take a “shopping-list” of items and just come up with a price! Instead, we take the time to get to know you and your husband or wife-to-be, so that we can between us create floral solutions that are the best fit for YOU.

A first consultation meeting is free, and after creating a proposal for you, the follow up meeting to fine tune any ideas, is also free. So why not take a moment to book some “us” time and let’s get the ball rolling.

The Bradhams Fantastic Flowers shop is in Fore Street, Old Hatfield, where we have a nice comfortable meeting space to have a chat. Or out of hours we can meet online.

Please fill out the form below with a little more detail about yourselves and your wedding, and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon.


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